Hello, I am Amrei Fechner.

Well over 70 books for kids have been published under my name. And It was the dream in my life to design those books. At the beginning of my career I started to make books the way I wished to have as a kid.
This kid in me may be the reason (knowing the real needs of the end user customer) why my first book happened to become a real bestseller. The design of my animal`s pictures is based on the passion for details, and the desire to present friends, to be loved and respected.

You can find my books in the children´s rooms of Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, Japan, Korea, Finland, even Saudi-Arabia. We are planning to investigate the potential of the US market.

My love belongs to people, no matter where from, to animals, and to nature, they give me my inspirations.
It is essential to express my own true feelings in my creations, to keep my independent mind.